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Almacenes Best Brand Pacas is a company of national prestige that was founded more than 10 years ago as a store selling used clothing imported from the United States of America.


The main reason Best Brand Pacas was started was to benefit families with disadvantaged financial resources and to reach a specific audience in the purchase and sale of second-hand clothing. Creating itself a network of products that would be part of all Nicaraguans, from entrepreneurs to final consumers.


Best Brand Pacas in its beginnings has stood out for the sale of clothing for all ages, clothing for women, men, youth and children; including shoes, household items and much more. It currently has more than 19 stores located in the different departments of the country.


We reach all our customers and distributors with the best quality and attention, preparation and work logistics.


  • Quality • Punctuality • Passion • Customer orientation •  

  • Teamwork • Social and corporate responsibility • 


Offer our customers quality products at affordable prices that meet their needs and demands, encompassing their tastes according to their style of seeing and living life.



Being a leading and recognized company in the sale of second-hand American clothing throughout the Central American region and expanding to more horizons, creating  our chain stores, providing more and more excellent service to our customers, generating progress for families and our entrepreneurs with strategies that are aligned with the strategic pillars of the business – network leadership, leading brand and end-customer experience.

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